Trogon canAutomatically generate a friendly terminal user interface for command-line applications.Trogon works with the popular Python Click library, and support for other libraries and languages ​​is expected in the future.

Trogon inspects your (command line) application and extracts a description options / switches / help etc. mode.Then use that information to buildtext UI, which you can use to edit and run commands.

The project team wishes to formalize this pattern and protocol to extract or expose it from the application. This will allow Trogon to build a TUI for any CLI application, no matter how it was built. If you are familiar with Swagger, consider Swagger for CLI.

Trogon is ready to use today and only requires 2 lines of code to add to an existing project. The project is still in the early stages of development though, and the team plans to make a lot of improvements to it.

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