HiUI is a set of design specifications and front-end componentization solutions suitable for middle and back-end systems. It can help developers quickly achieve consistent interaction and beautiful interface development. It is open sourced by the Information Technology Department of Xiaomi Group.


  • Proficient in the interaction and visual design of middle and back office products
  • Comprehensive process and data display templates, from business, templates and components cover most middle and back-end system requirements
  • Single-component design with data structure separation, no need to learn, easy to upgrade, out-of-the-box
  • Rich component library: According to business scenarios, 5 categories are extracted, and 50+ basic components cover most usage scenarios to meet various functional requirements
  • Better development experience: Provide high-quality components with powerful functions and rich categories to make development easier; more flexible ways to introduce components, support subcontracting and combination, and make upgrades smoother; provide a full-link development system, out of the box Ready-to-use, making development more efficient
  • Support TypeScript, provide excellent type hints and code inspection
  • Embrace React hooks to provide a new functional programming experience


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