Cead Consent Manager is a very simple and lightweight cookie and tracking consent manager. It’s designed to help websites implement a simple “Accept or Decline” dialog to actually enable or disable tracking.

Many sites implement a no-opt-out notice, and some sites offer an option to do nothing. Cead can help you with this, allowing you to meet your privacy obligations without any effort or code. In opt-in mode, the tracking script won’t even run until consent is obtained. In opt-out mode, withdrawing consent will completely clear tracking cookies.


  • Simple: most sites don’t need a fancy system with a different purpose, just a simple opt-in/out
  • Lightweight: only 3.3kB
  • Flexible: HTML is provided by you, so all text and classes are fully configurable
  • Independence: Cead is not connected to any complex external systems and does not have hundreds of dependencies
  • Open source: free to use, modify and extend

NPM install and import

Cead canInstall via NPM and imported via build tools.

import Cead from 'cead-consent'
new Cead({
  cookie: 'consent'

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