StreamPark[1] at 9 On the 1st, it passed the vote and officially became an incubation project of the world’s largest open source foundation, the Apache Software Foundation (ASF).This is StreamPark The new starting point of the project means that open source community collaboration will become more standardized and international.

What is StreamPark

StreamPark, formerly known as StreamX, is an easy-to-use stream processing application development framework and operation management platform. Created by the personal organization streamxhub in 2019, open sourced on GitHub in April 2021, and renamed StreamPark in August 2022.

The original intention of StreamPark is to make stream processing simpler. Apache Spark and Apache Flink are a great progress in the field of real-time processing, especially Apache Flink is generally considered to be the next-generation big data stream computing engine. We found it from programming when using Flink & Spark. Model, parameter configuration and operation and maintenance management have many places that can be abstracted and shared. We solidified some good experiences and combined with the best practices in the industry. Through continuous efforts, today’s framework — StreamPark was finally born, which standardized the project’s Configuration, encourages functional programming, defines the best programming method, provides a series of out-of-the-box Connectors, provides a set of scaffolding for rapid development, using StreamPark development can greatly reduce learning costs and development thresholds, allowing Developers only need to care about the most core business.

On the other hand, in terms of real-time job deployment management, there is no professional management platform for Flink & Spark jobs, which is a hurdle that enterprises will encounter in practice. StreamPark provides a professional job management platform, including but not limited to job development, debugging, interactive query, deployment, operation, operation and maintenance, etc.

Currently StreamPark only supports Apache Flink and Apache Spark, Subsequent plans to support more engines.

Current Status of StreamPark Development

At present, StreamPark has initially established a small community. Since its open source, it has released more than 10 times, Github Star 2K, accumulated download times of 5.6 K, and accumulated a total of 66 developers. The project has been actively updated, and I sincerely thank everyone for their contributions. the effort and dedication of the people.

Users currently registered for public use[2] There are more than 30 companies in total, including: inmobi, Ziru, Yonghui Supermarket, YTO Express, Tianyiyun, China Unicom, Tencent, etc. Many companies have already put into production on a large scale, and have written articles on production practices. For details, please refer to previous productions Practice related articles.

Why join the ASF Incubator

StreamPark joins the ASF incubator for the following reasons

  • It is an ecological project of the ASF big data open source project and looks forward to becoming an official member of ASF.

  • Under the guidance of the Mature Open Source Foundation, Make StreamPark open source project collaboration and operation more standardized.

  • Build a more thriving and diverse developer community, We hope to attract more excellent developers at home and abroad to join, Make the developer community more diverse.

  • By attending ASF-related technical conferences, Attract more open source developers to join the StreamPark community.

Next, the community will be guided by ASF incubator mentors, Follow the “Community over Code” philosophy to manage and operate communities, It also allows every good contributor to be seen.

Tutor introduction

  • @tison (Champion): ASF Member, Apache Curator PMC Member, Apache Flink Committer, ASF Incubator Mentor, public account “Book of Night Sky”[3] author

  • @jiangning: ASF Member, ASF Director, ASF Incubator Mentor, Apache Beijing Local Community[4] sponsor

  • @Zhang Duo : ASF Member, Apache HBase PMC Chair, ASF Incubator Mentor

  • @Stephan Ewen : ASF Member, original core author of Apache Flink, original PMC Chair of Apache Flink, mentor of ASF incubator

  • @Thomas Weise: ASF Member, Apache Flink/Beam/Hudi PMC Member, ASF Incubator Mentor

Special thanks to

Thanks to Champion @tison for the project, Selfless help and guidance during the project’s entry into the ASF incubator, Led the whole process of the project from the proposal drafting stage to the discussion to the voting, Gives a lot of professional advice and guidance.

gratefulMentor @江宁@张多 gave professional guidance and great help to the project in compliance and process advancement.

Thank you instructor@tison,@jiangning,@openDuo,@Stephan Ewen,@Thomas Weise with selfless help from mentors, StreamPark’s journey into the incubator is smoother. In the future, under the guidance of the mentors, the community will gradually become more standardized and internationalized.

Thanks to the two Apache IPMC mentors @wusheng@kezhenxu and Apache Doris chair @chenmingyu for their help and support during the process, Thank you @王志鹏@张迪 for your help and support in this process.

join us

Enter the Apache IncubatorIt means that StreamPark is one step closer to becoming a top open source community productalsoIt is the first step of the Long March, We must maintain the humble nature of developers at all times, Study and follow “The Apache Way” seriously, Adhering to a more inclusive mentality, Meet more opportunities and challenges.SincerelyWelcome more contributors to participate in community building.

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[3] Book of Night Sky: Official Account Search Keyword: Book of Night Sky, spread open sourceTao, open source governance, community building

[4] ALC Beijing: Publicpublic numberSearch keywords: ALC Beijing, aiming to spread the Apache way in China


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