IoTOS is an efficient and practical IoTCard management & operation system.

IoTOS is currently named too broadly, and it is mainly used for IoT Card management business with efficient, robust, and flexible design of SaaS, multi-language, robot push, automatic management, and data synchronization multi-type algorithms as the main business.

1.1 Introduction

IoTOS is an open source IoTCard (IoT Card Management) system based on SpringBoot, Vue, Mybatis, RabbitMq, Mysql, and Redis. It is a comprehensive solution for enterprise private domain management and operation.

Based on the open capabilities of multiple IoT management system APIs (such as China Mobile oneLink and other follow-up access APIs), IoTOS not only integrates powerful upstream API management and basic data synchronization algorithm functions, but also provides multi-language internationalization solutions. And through flexible and efficient data operation modules such as efficient and flexible synchronization algorithms and system architecture business separation, a strong link between the enterprise and the upstream can be established, so as to further help enterprises improve the operating efficiency of the Internet of Things card through diversified management and operation solutions, and strengthen Operational capacity, and expand the profitability of the department.

At present, it is mainly used in the field of Internet of Things card service industry.

1.2 Capabilities

IoTOS-IoTCard is based on the comprehensive business management of multiple upstream API interfaces of the Internet of Things, follows the process of efficient data synchronization and maintenance operation, then establishes system package distribution for tariff marketing, and finally creates value again in the process of providing marketing, operation and other services.

The whole system is temporarily divided into five modules:

  • front page : statistical analysis panel;
  • connect : view traffic card, equipment, channel operation management configuration;
  • Account Center : Enterprise, user, role management assignment permission account;
  • automation : Automatic management rules, templates, push configurations, trigger conditions, etc.;
  • System Management : menu, parameter, dictionary, system monitoring, system tools, scheduled tasks, etc.;

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1.3 Advantages

IoTOS is based on the open capability platform of the capability interface of multiple upstream operators, comprehensive business management and operation of IoT cards, but not limited to IoT cards, it can provide API docking management infrastructure for vertical scenarios such as IoT card operations, multiple third-party interface docking requirements, etc. The main advantages are:

  • Multilingual international operation (UI interface, background reply, single user’s favorite language), robot push (domestic mainstream robot, international mainstream social software)
  • High-efficiency API synchronization capabilities use queue multi-thread instances to enable interface multi-threading (add java multi-threading to queue multi-threading) and have independent specific synchronization algorithm system for different operator interfaces
  • Automation rule definition, rule trigger template, notification configuration, trigger condition, etc.
  • The open source protocol adopts Apache-2.0 (users can freely modify it for commercial use, there is no open source requirement)
  • Adopt mainstream Java architecture, with high scalability and flexibility
  • Provide internal API externally, low-cost secondary development

1.4 Vision

IoTOS is not an IoT expert, but makes every enterprise and every developer their own IoT expert through open source:

  • Integrated upstream multi-API basic capabilities, ready to use
  • Provide one-stop service operation solutions for vertical industries
  • Open up its own platform capabilities to allow more developers to participate
  • Work with enterprises and developers to help the Internet of Things industry to build and develop the future

2.1 Online experience

Open source demo address:

Default account password: iotos,

(Note: The demo environment has blocked administrative rights and related operations)

2.2 System Architecture

The overall system architecture of IoTOS V1.0.0 is as follows:

2.3 Technology stack

This project is based on RuoYi-Vue Background development framework, thanks RuoYi-Vue open source.

  • Front-end technology stack: ES6, Vue, Vue-router, Vue-cli, Axios, Element-ui;
  • Back-end technology stack: Spring Boot, Mybatis-plus, Mybatis, RabbitMQ;

2.4 Project structure

backend structure

├── iotos-admin              // 后台服务主程序
├── iotos-common             // 公共组件模块
├── iotos-common-syn-ap      // API请求配置中心
├── iotos-consumer-admin	 // 后台主程序-消费者
├── iotos-consumer-task      // 定时任务-消费者
├── iotos-framework	         // 框架核心
├── iotos-generator          // 代码生成
├── iotos-quartz             // 定时任务
├── iotos-system             // 系统代码

front-end structure

├── iotos-ui			     // 后台项目

2.5 Project deployment

Click the link below to view the project deployment method:

How to quickly deploy IoTOS

Recommended minimum server configuration:

operating systemCentOS8
CPU4 Nuclear
hard disk50G

Click the link below to enter the help manual to view the description of common problems and more help:

common problem

Follow-up development direction

  • Perfect tutorials, in-depth explanations in the form of documents, videos and other data files for quick use, understanding of operations, secondary development and expansion, possible development directions, etc.
  • The mobile terminal adapts to enterprise query, user binding, and also adapts to internationalization;
  • OneLink EcV5 interface business continues to expand:智能诊断 Defined as platform data diagnosis API interface diagnosis and more different upstreams will display more diagnosable item interfaces, etc.;
  • 自动化 Well-defined business modules, including robot docking, etc.;
  • 支付配置 Payment and collection domestic mainstream payment access, international payment access, etc.;
  • 套餐定义 The package includes multiple types, multiple configurations, and multiple combinations;
  • 企业预存,用户预存 Enterprise pre-deposit amount, order rebate, user recharge pre-deposit independently set pre-paid deduction, etc.;
  • 充值续费 Enterprise or user recharge, renewal, pre-deposit and other business extensions;
  • 中控分析 Including but not limited to analysis of enterprise and user recharge data (according to time, amount, transaction type, repurchase rate, activity, data synchronization success rate, transaction order time interval package balance, etc.)
  • 商城 Product purchase order process, distribution, logistics

V1.0.0 update log

  • Multilingual internationalization;
  • Channel, card list, usage record, basic business;
  • The card number is automatically loaded into the strategy synchronously;
  • The API currently only supports the OneLink EcV5 interface (will eventually rely on this interface as a comprehensive docking display business, so stay tuned!);
  • OneLink EcV5 synchronization algorithm policy queue multi-threading uses java multi-threaded matryoshka to significantly improve algorithm synchronization efficiency;
  • The usage and life cycle compensation algorithm is perfect;
  • Complete statistics on the home page;

index home page

channel channel

card card list

cardInfoUsed card number details

businessHandling business handling

task execution task

taskFile execute task-file

taskFileDownload Execute task-file-download record

divisionWithdrawn division withdrawal

language internationalization language


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