Canonical Announce,The beta version of the Real-Time Kernel, which launched with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS last year, is now nearing GA status.

According to reports, the Ubuntu real-time kernel applies the Linux kernel build of the out-of-tree PREEMPT_RT patch, which is specially provided for x86_64 and AArch64 hardware. Through it, Canonical hopes to further support the use of Ubuntu in telecom/5G equipment and other industrial systems with low-latency requirements, delivering performance, guaranteed ultra-low latency and security for critical infrastructure. This new core also serves latency-sensitive use cases in industrial automation and robotics.

Linux Live Patching (PREEMPT_RT) has been available for several years and has entered the kernel mainline. Intel acquired Linutronix last year and became the developer behind the PREEMPT_RT patch set, and the packaging of the Ubuntu real-time kernel is done in cooperation with Intel – after all, the two have a mutual interest in ensuring that the build runs well on the Intel platform.

Meanwhile, the upstream RT patch series is drawing to a close. One of the last known hurdles still being worked out is around console support, and it looks like RT kernel support will be fully mainstreamed upstream this year, making it easier for Linux distributions to offer real-time kernels. For specific code merging, please check the git repository.

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