Qinglang is a Chinese programming language aimed at teenagers, children and non-professionals.

The project completely realized the construction of code text to syntax tree from scratch. The language core refers to Lisp, and the syntax mainly refers to JavaScript. It is implemented in C# and runs on the .Net platform.

Qinglang is fully compatible with mainstream operating systems. In addition to interpreters, it also provides Qinglang editors and mobile apps. In addition, we also provide detailed documentation, including usage documentation and development documentation.

Basic Grammar Overview

first program



From the semicolon to the end of the line are comments, the content of the comment will not be executed as code, starting with two;; is a multi-line comment, until another;;



type of data

空     ;空类型,表示不存在或者值为空

真     ;逻辑类型,表示逻辑真

假     ;逻辑类型,表示逻辑假

0xFF   ;二进制类型,表示二进制数据

123    ;这是整数

4.56   ;这是小数

“这是一段字符串”    ;用中文双引号括起来的部分是字符串


#甲 : 123      ;用冒号表示在当前语境给变量#甲绑定值123 

#乙 = 4.56      ;用等于号表示顺着语境链向上查找变量#乙并绑定值4.56


Call the variable name directly, the interpreter will look up the value corresponding to the variable according to the current context, and return the value, for example, after the above assignment, we enter

will see output like this

Here, the front >> is the output prompt, and the following 123 is the value corresponding to the variable.

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