Hellohao Image Hosting Program(Picture bed) This is an open source image hosting program developed by the SpringBoot framework written in JAVA language.With multi-object storage source docking, using前后端分离A program specially designed to host images, supporting images in multiple formats and a multi-functional image bed system.The program supports in addition toweb端In addition, while supporting客户端(win/mac),移动端(小程序)And other commonly used full platform support.

The main areas of use of the program:个人照片存储,团队共享图像,博客/商城等网站图片托管,图像批量云分享wait. It has excellent multi-user image upload function and perfect image query management logic, and supports docking with multiple object stores at the same time.

Storage source support:

Open source version:本地,阿里OSS,又拍USS,七牛KODO,腾讯COS,网易NOS,U-File,FTP,AWS S3协议(百度云BOS,青云Qingstor,Ucloud US3,MinioCompatible with S3 protocol)

The main function

  • Full support, not limited to (web端/桌面端Windows/Mac/移动端小程序)

  • Separate front-end and back-end architecture design, easier to deploy

  • Personal album browsing, image details display card

  • Support picture drag and drop, direct screenshot (Ctrl+V)

  • Support batch upload of URL addresses

  • Copy the embedded link code with one click, and you can also customize the embedded code format

  • Docking email service, register/retrieve password and other functions

  • Real-time multi-thread identification of illegal images

  • Periodic temporary storage of pictures

  • Picture name record/modification

  • Supports a variety of common image formats such as:webp,ico,svgetc.

  • Support gallery batch sharing mode

  • Account Image Duplicate Check Upload

  • Configure IP blacklist operations

  • Site upload controllable API interface

  • Set user available capacity

  • Batch generation of account expansion codes

  • Detailed upload and distribution configuration, distribution group function

  • Upload management of tourists and users

  • Image direct link QR code generation

  • (Wait..not list them all)

quick start

Docker-compose deployment:

  1. createdocker-compose.ymldocument

    Created in a folder created in any directory of the serverdocker-compose.ymlfile, the content is as follows:

    (before modifying below端域名,后端域名,数据库密码Notes and other information, especially pay attention to the file format indentation can not be changed randomly)

    version: "3"
        image: hellohao/tbed-free:20230320
          - "10088:10088"
          - "10089:10089"
          - /HellohaoData/:/HellohaoData/
          MYSQL_URL: jdbc:mysql://hellohaodb/tbed?useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF-8&serverTimezone=Asia/Shanghai
          # 自定设置一个MySQL的密码,请保证与下方 POSTGRES_PASSWORD 的变量值一致
          MYSQL_PASS: tIaNGg@SHa&hIo56
          # 前端域名(反代10089端口的域名)
          HELLOHAO_WEB_HOST: http://pic.example.com
          # 后端域名(反代10088端口的域名)
          HELLOHAO_SERVER_HOST: http://server.example.com
        image: hellohao/mysql-free:1.0
          - --default-authentication-plugin=mysql_native_password
          - --character-set-server=utf8mb4
          - --collation-server=utf8mb4_general_ci
          - --explicit_defaults_for_timestamp=true
          - "3307:3307"
          - /HellohaoData/mysql:/var/lib/mysql
          # MySQL的密码
          MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: tIaNGg@SHa&hIo56

  2. Start the Hellohao service

Detailed deployment tutorial reference programrelated documents

System preview

desktop client

WeChat applet

At present, there is a beta version, and more functions are being developed. The speed of development should be evaluated according to the author’s work pressure, mood and other personal conditions. It is temporarily impossible to give a specific release time for the Mini Program. Let’s look forward to it.

operating environment

technology used

Front-end main technology

Back-end main technology

  • Spring Boot
  • MyBatis
  • MySQL
  • Maven
  • JWT authentication
  • Shiro

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