Bebop supports schema-based, type safety, binary serialization, and code generation.Similar to Protocol Buffers or MessagePack.

It’s designed to be ideal for client-server or distributed web applications that need a faster, cleaner, type-safe alternative to JSON or MessagePack, while avoiding the complexities of Protocol Buffers, FlatBuffers, and similar solutions.

Bebop aims to be both efficient and simple. It makes some assumptions to achieve this balance: for example, you’re always interested in decoding the entire message at once, never removing fields from the message, and are not interested in micromanaging the memory layout yourself.


  • supportTypescript,C#,RustC++, etc.
  • Snappy DX –bebopcEasily integrate into your project.VSCodeLanguage support provided in .
  • Light – Bebop has zero dependencies and a tiny runtime footprint. The generated code is heavily optimized.
  • RPC – useTempoBuild efficient APIs.
  • Everywhere – browsers, serverless platforms, and bare metal.

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