GNU Texinfo 7.0 has been officially released.

Texinfo is the official documentation format of the GNU project and integrates well with GNU Emacs. Also used by many non-GNU projects. It was developed by RMS and Bob Chassell with the main purpose of providing a syntax and format that facilitates the typesetting of software manuals.

Texinfo produces output in multiple formats based on a single source file, including online and print formats: HTML, PDF, DVI, Info, DocBook, LaTeX, EPUB 3. Therefore, if a user uses Texinfo, only one file needs to be written, there is no need to write a different file for online information, nor another file for printed manuals.

Here is an example of using Texinfo to typeset a document:

The recently released Texinfo 7.0 is a major update that provides support for more document formats, improvements to HTML output support, and fixes for character encoding issues.

major changes

  • The texi2any program currently supports LaTeX and EPUB 3 document output formats, EPUB 3 is a popular e-book format mainly used in e-readers
  • Enhanced DocBook output
  • fix string encoding issue
  • Optimize HTML output format
  • Optimize overall code

See the release announcement for details.

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