Anse is an extremely optimized AI chat UI for AI models such as ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion.


  • ???? Powerful plugin system – credit to Provider plugin easily extended with something like OpenAI, Replicate and other AI platforms, and supports custom model parameters.
  • ???? Session log saving – use IndexDB Save local data and not upload it to the server to ensure security issues. .
  • ???? Multiple dialogue modes – Provides different dialogue modes:单词对话, 连续对话, OpenAI 图像生成,Stable Diffusion and more.
  • ???? Optimize user interface experience – Refactored the website user interface from the previous version, optimized many details, and adapted to the mobile terminal and dark mode.
  • ???? One-click deployment -Support one-click deployment, environment variables are no longer needed, you can refer to our archives to deploy the website to Vercel, Netlify, Docker, Node and more platforms.

run locally


  1. node: Check whether your development environment and deployment environment are using Node v18 or can use nvm Manage multiple local node Version
  2. PNPM: Recommended Use pnpm To manage dependencies, if you have never installed pnpm, you can use the following command to install:
  1. OPENAI_API_KEY: Before running this application, you need to obtain an API key from OpenAI.You can find Register API key

start running

  1. install dependencies
  2. Run the application, the local project runs in http://localhost:3000/
  3. In the settings panel add your OpenAI API keyand enjoy yourself!


For more information, please refer to the deployment documentation:

Turn on sync updates

After forking a project, you need to manually enable workflow and upstream sync actions on the fork project’s Actions page. When enabled, automatic updates are performed daily:

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