ArmorPaint is a stand-alone software designed for physically based texture painting, drag and drop your 3D model and start painting. Receive instant visual feedback in the viewport as you paint.


Windows and Linux versions are recommended, but experimental macOS, iPadOS, and Android versions are also available. On the desktop, ArmorPaint is a portable application that requires no installation – just unzip and run.


ArmorPaint’s painting process runs on the GPU, and its performance depends primarily on the graphics card. The minimum requirement for 4K painting is an Intel HD4000 graphics card. For 16K drawing, a GTX 1060/6GB or better graphics card is recommended.

If you want to compile the git version of ArmorPaint, then you need to install Visual Studio – Windows, clang + deps – Linux, Xcode – macOS / iOS, Android Studio – Android and git.

git clone --recursive
cd armortools/armorpaint


# Unpack `..\armorcore\v8\libraries\win32\release\v8_monolith.7z` using 7-Zip - Extract Here (exceeds 100MB)
..\armorcore\Kinc\make --from ..\armorcore -g direct3d11
# Open generated Visual Studio project at `build\ArmorPaint.sln`
# Build and run for x64 & release
# Copy build\x64\Release\ArmorPaint.exe to build\krom to run ArmorPaint.exe directly


../armorcore/Kinc/make --from ../armorcore -g opengl --compiler clang --compile
cd ../armorcore/Deployment
strip ArmorPaint
./ArmorPaint ../../armorpaint/build/krom


../armorcore/Kinc/make --from ../armorcore -g metal
cp -a build/krom/ ../armorcore/Deployment
# Open generated Xcode project at `build/ArmorPaint.xcodeproj`
# Build and run

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