Niva is a cross-platform (supports Windows and MacOS) desktop application development framework, developed using front-end technology, and can be used to build lightweight desktop applications.

Niva aims to provide the easiest way for front-ends to quickly build their own cross-end desktop applications with pure front-end technology. Using Niva does not require additional new knowledge such as Electron, Node.js or Rust, and only requires pure front-end technology to develop desktop applications.

It is based on the system Webview instead of Chromium, and its size is only 3MB ~ 4MB. It does not need the Node.js environment and directly provides the system API for operation. Niva is compatible with mainstream frameworks such as React / Vue, and can directly import Vue and React projects with one click.

The following table lists the main differences between Niva, Tauri and Electron:

support systemWindows10+/MacOSWindows10+/MacOS/LinuxWindows/MacOS/Linux
APP backendNone, but can be replaced by hidden windowRustNode.js
ecologyfront endRust + frontendNode.js + frontend
DifficultySimpleextremely difficultdifficulty

Niva has four highlights: ultra-lightweight, extremely easy-to-use, graphical and cross-platform:

  • Ultra-lightweight – the minimum executable file built is only 3MB+.
  • Extremely easy to use – only use pure front-end technology to develop applications, and you don’t even need to learn Node.js.
  • Graphical——Provide graphical developer tools, build and debug with one click, and say goodbye to black frames.
  • Cross-platform – Cross-platform code can be built without additional configuration and code.

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