Formily is a form solution oriented to complex scenes in the middle and backend, which is jointly built by multiple BUs of Alibaba Group. It is also a form framework.

Its predecessor is the UForm solution that was open-sourced by the supply chain platform in early 2019, and the predecessor of UForm is a form framework self-developed within the supply chain platform. Overall, Formily is a form solution that has been tempered and precipitated for a long time.

Formily is a completely business-driven solution, andNot a simple front wheel!


  • Can be designed, with the help of Form Builder, you can quickly build forms
  • High performance, field distributed rendering, greatly reducing the pressure of React rendering
  • Support Ant Design/Fusion Next component system
  • JSX tagged writing/JSON Schema data-driven scheme seamless migration transition
  • Independent management of side effect logic, covering various complex linkage verification logic
  • Support various form complex layout schemes

The essence of Formily’s solution is to construct an Observable Form Graph. In this Form Graph, we abstract the entire form domain model, and this model is an infinite loop state machine.

This state machine has three main characteristics:

  • Infinite loop
  • Distributed Management State
  • UI has nothing to do

Overall structure

future plan

  • Support more terminals, now mainly supports React, Rax, and will consider supporting small programs in the future
  • Support more component systems, such as Antd Mobile, Material Design, etc.
  • Supports more complete Schema form configurators that can actually be used in production environments
  • Land more scenarios within the group

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