Intel One Mono is an expressive monospaced font family built with clarity, legibility, and the needs of developers in mind.

Using an open source font license, it’s easier to read and available for free.

The Intel brand team identified an underserved low-vision developer audience for typefaces and worked with VMLY&R and Frere-Jones Type to design the Intel One Mono typeface,to maximize legibility, address developer fatigue and eyestrain, and reduce coding errors. A team of low-vision and blind developers provided feedback at every stage of the design.

Intel One Mono also covers more than 200 languages ​​using Latin script. The Intel One Mono font is available in four weights—Light, Regular, Medium, and Bold—with matching italics.

font format

  • .otf or .ttf format is recommended for desktops.
  • .ttf files are also great for mobile applications.
  • .woff and .woff2 fonts are optimized for web use.

Screen rendering and size range

We recommend using fonts that are 7 point or larger for print and 9 pixels or larger for screen. The .ttf, .woff, and .woff2 fonts provided in the official release have been manually optimized for on-screen display, improving clarity and legibility, especially on Windows platforms.

Available OpenType features

In addition to the default characters, there are some additional features that can be accessed in some applications and also through CSS: Raised Colon: there is one raised colon Options, which can be contextually applied or generally activated between numbers. Context options are available via ss11 (Stylistic Set #11), or use ss12 (Stylistic Set #12) or salt (Stylistic Alternates) as global switches. language support: The ccmp, mark and locl functions ensure correct display in many languages. These are usually activated by default. The official recommendation is to set the language tab/settings in the software to the desired language for best results.Superior/superscript and inferior/subscript figures are included via their Unicode code points, or you can via sups(Superscript), subs (Subscript) and si (Scientific Inferior) function generates them from default numbers. Fraction numerals The same can be done by numr(Numerator) and dnom (Denominator) function is obtained. A set of pre-made fractions is also provided in the font.

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