Kungfu is an elegant JFinal enhancement framework worth having.


Easy to learn and use

Build a standard MVC Java Web project based on JFinal, providing an easy-to-use development library package and standard interface documents.

strong scaffolding

It provides code generation capability, which is extremely simple to use yet flexible and powerful. Hierarchical codes can be generated for you with one click.

Greatly Simplifies CRUD

Support dynamic parameters to automatically build query SQL statements, bringing developers an extremely cool development experience.

Flexible and controllable

Permissions, repeated acquisition of request parameters, stateless services, and type conversion can be done for you, and it can also be highly DIY.

Accelerate Control Plane Development

Provide flexible parameter acquisition, verification, conversion capabilities, and standardization of exceptions and results. Really focus on business development.

Accelerate service layer development

Support dynamic parameter parsing into dynamic query, tree structure query and existence query. The code becomes simple and elegant without losing functionality.

code repository

Dependency import

 Maven 中央仓库 : http://mvnrepository.com/artifact/io.github.ticktack/kungfu

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