LiteFlow v2.9.5 is officially released today! Brings 3 scale-out features and many enhancements.

LiteFlow is an open source orchestration rule engine, which allows you to arrange the logic of your system arbitrarily. You can choose scripting logic, support up to 5 scripting languages, and support rich third-party storage support. All logic and rules can be hot changed . Artifacts for designing systems and refactoring systems.

With LiteFlow, you can use a scripting language to write a java project.

LiteFlow is an excellent community-based open source project in China. If you know this project for the first time, you can go to the official website or related homepage to learn more:

Project official website:

gitee managed warehouse:

github hosted warehouse:

Introduction to v2.9.5

We have completed 9 issues in the new version, which contains 3 features.

Version 2.9.5 focuses on horizontal scalability.

So far, LiteFlow natively supports all relational databases, 3 popular registration centers, and 1 configuration center on the storage plug-in. There are 5 plugins in total, which should cover the choices of most people.

In version 2.9.5, LiteFlow added 2 new languages, python and lua, in terms of script support. So far, up to 5 scripting languages ​​have been supported.

Why use Java when writing java projects?

LiteFlow allows you to create a Java project, and all business codes can be scripts. Everything is hot refreshable.

Support Apollo

We would like to thank the contributors of the community Hello team for providing Apollo support plug-ins for LiteFlow.

LiteFlow will support more and more other third-party middleware in the future.

For details on how to use the Apollo plug-in, see the Apollo configuration source chapter on the official website.

Provides support for Python and Lua scripting languages

I thought it providedGroovy,Javascript,QLExpressThree scripting languages ​​are enough. I didn’t expect that some people in the community really hope to support python.

Fortunately, LiteFlow already has a very easy-to-extend mechanism in the scripting base layer. This time, we not only provide python support, but also provide lua support. I don’t know if you like lua, a scripting language. Students who have written redis scripts must be familiar with it.

Enhancement of front and rear nodes

The previous pre- and post-nodes can only be executed at the first level of the expression, which undoubtedly has certain restrictions for users.

I originally thought this would be difficult to change. Because if you want to change, you must move some underlying code. So this feature has not been optimized.

When I looked through the code this time, I found that what I originally thought might be a bit complicated, but this problem is actually not that complicated. So this time it was finally fixed.

Select the component’sDEFAULTkeywords

In the new version, we added an additional keyword to the selection componentDEFAULT, enabling an option to be executed by default if neither option matches. This is very useful in some scenarios.

For details, please refer to the Selection and Arrangement section of the official website.

Full list of updates

特性 #I63WME 希望支持Apollo配置中心配置规则功能

特性 #I64PDW 增加Python脚本支持

特性 #I64T29 增加脚本语言Lua的支持

增强 #I64T00 希望给 SWITCH 增加一个 default 特性

增强 #I62NEK EL解析方式PRE、FINALLY在嵌套子链中不生效

增强 #I64L3Q 期望拓展@ScriptBean注解,能注入指定类的指定方法

增强 #I64HY4 LiteFlowNodeBuilder的添加节点代码优化

增强 #I64SY6 期望能完善错误信息的提示

修复 #I5XUQS 配置不同格式规则加载时,若EL规则文件不存在,启动会报错。

about the community


LiteFlow’s community is an extremely active open source community. There are many open source bigwigs and technology experts here, and the small partners in the group are also happy to help you answer questions.

If you have any questions during use and learning, you can enter the community group through the following official website or the following methods.

Specific joining method:

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