MaaAssistantArknights is a small assistant for Tomorrow’s Ark. Based on image recognition technology, it can complete all daily tasks with one click!


  • Brush sanity, drop recognition and upload Penguin Logistics
  • Intelligent infrastructure shift change, automatic calculation of operator efficiency, optimal solution within a single facility; also supports custom schedule
  • Automatic public recruitment, optional use of expedited license, all brushed at once!Public recruitment data upload Penguin Logistics,One picture flow
  • Visit friends, collect credits and purchases, claim daily rewards and more. One-click automatic daily grass growing!
  • Rouge automatically refreshes source stone ingots and candles, and automatically recognizes operators and training levels
  • Select the job JSON file and copy the job automatically! video demo
  • The warehouse recognizes and supports exporting to Penguin logistics map planner, Tomorrow’s Ark Toolbox, ARK-NIGHTS Operator Training Form
  • Support C, Python, Java, Rust, Golang, Java HTTP, Rust HTTP and other interfaces, easy to integrate and call, customize your MAA!

Without further ado, look at the picture!

zh1 zh2

download link

Instructions for use

Basic instructions

  1. Please according to Emulator supportand perform corresponding operations.
  2. Modify the emulator resolution to 16:9 ratio, minimum 1280 * 720higher is not limited.
  3. Get started!

For more instructions, please refer to detailed introduction

common problem

  • The software crashes when opened
  • Connection error, I don’t know how to fill in the adb path
  • The connection is successful, but there is no response
  • How to connect a custom port
  • The download speed is slow, and the mirror site cannot open the web page
  • Halfway through the download, it prompts “login”/”authentication”
  • The connection is normal, the task starts, but there is no response

Please refer to common problem

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