SQL Chat is a conversational interaction-based SQL client centered on Chat interaction. It is completely different from traditional GUI-mode SQL clients. It can use natural language to ask database questions and query databases.

with the entry The Developer Tools 2.0 Era, there is ample opportunity to rebuild existing tools with a chat-based interface. SQL clients are no exception. Unlike navigating between many UI controls, the chat-based interface is more intuitive. Of course, the premise is that it is possible, and the goal of the project is to provide that experience.

Built with Next.js, SQL Chat supports the following databases, with more expected to be added over time:

according tointroduce,SQL Chat yes The second independent product line since the establishment of Bytebase. Built from scratch, centered on Chat interaction, it subverts the traditional GUI mode of SQL client. Using the Next.js framework, it can be directly deployed to Tencent Cloud Web application hosting service in China, and it can also be deployed to Vercel with one click in foreign countries. It also supports privatized deployment.

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