Nuxt is an easy-to-use web framework for building modern and high-performance web applications that can be deployed on any platform that runs JavaScript.

Nuxt 3.0 officially released the stable version today. Based on Vue 3, Nuxt 3.0 provides “first-class citizen” support for TypeScript, and has undergone a thorough refactoring to streamline the core for faster speed and better experience.

The announcement reads that the Nuxt 3.0 API is fully stable and ready for production use. All composables, filesystem conventions and configurations are ensured to be backward compatible with Nuxt 3.0.0. Nuxt 3 currently supports Node.js 14, 16, 18 and 19. It is recommended to use the latest Node.js LTS version. Since Node.js 14 is about to be EOL, developers should upgrade to the latest 18.x as much as possible.

Nuxt 3.0 new features include:

  • Lighter: Up to 75x smaller server deployments and client artifacts targeting modern browsers
  • Faster: Provide dynamic code splitting capability based on nitro to optimize cold start performance
  • Hybrid: Incremental static generation and other advanced features are now possible
  • Suspense: Get data before and after any component and navigation
  • Composition API: Real code reuse with Composition API and Nuxt 3 composables
  • Nuxt CLI: Without any dependencies, it helps you easily build projects and integrate modules
  • Nuxt Devtools: Work faster with info and quick fixes right in the browser
  • Nuxt Kit: Fresh Module Development with Typescript and Cross-Version Compatibility
  • Webpack 5: Faster build times and smaller bundle sizes without configuration
  • Vite: Use Vite as a packaging tool to experience lightning-fast HMR
  • Vue 3: Vue 3 is a solid foundation for your next web application
  • TypeScript: built with native TypeScript and ESM, no extra steps required

Release Notes

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