PlayEdu is an internal training system developed based on SpringBoot3 + Java17 + React18. It focuses on providing privatized deployment solutions, including intranet deployment of resources such as videos and pictures. At present, it mainly supports the main functions such as local video upload and playback, student mailbox login, unlimited departments, unlimited resource classification, and online learning for students.

Function Details

  • Learning port:PC port
  • Students:Email login, batch import, department association, learning information, student real-name information
  • Online class:Category association, department association, chapter class, no chapter class
  • Backstage management:Resource classification management (unlimited level), department management (unlimited level), picture management, video management, online class management, student management, system management, administrator rights management
  • Statistics:Learning progress details (task progress, course progress, class hour progress), resource detail statistics, daily learning ranking, students’ daily learning time statistics, and students’ total learning time statistics
  • Video playback:Memory playback, anti-recording marquee configuration, double-speed playback
  • other:Background system administrator authority (behavior authority, data authority), system configuration

Get started quickly

If you want to quickly preview the functions of PlayEdu locally, you can refer to the Get started quickly document. If you want to deploy PlayEdu in a formal environment, you can refer to the installation tutorial we provide:

Main interface preview

PC Learning Home

PC Course Details Page

PC Recent Learning Page

Background main interface

Background student list page

Use Agreement

Welcome to use the open source training solution provided by Hangzhou Baishu Technology Co., Ltd.! Please read the following terms carefully. By using PlayEdu, you agree to accept all the following terms.

  • All codes in this open source project are based on the Apache-2.0 license agreement, and you default to abide by the obligations stipulated in the license agreement.
  • By default, you authorize us to display the logo of your business using PlayEdu on this official website.

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