Arm China “Zhouyi” NPU Open Source Project- Compass_Integration

This project is used to build a publishable software package. The software content comes from the Compass_Unified_Parser warehouse, the Compass_OpportunePostTrainingTools warehouse and the Compass_MiniPkg.


You need to clone the following repositories to the root directory of the warehouse.

git clone
git clone

You need to download minpackage to the root directory of the warehouse, please refer to the article for the download steps .

The minpackage is a tarball file named Compass_MiniPkg-xxx-Linux.tar.gz.



Compass Integration projects can only be built on Linux x86_64.


  • python = 3.8
  • pip
  • setuptools
  • wheel

For more detailed Python dependencies, please see ./


The script will build a python wheel file in the ./dist directory.


pip3 install dist/AIPUBuilder-*-cp38-cp38-linux_x86_64.whl
# 提示: 如果没有 root 权限,请使用 `pip3 install --user` 或者 `pip3 install --target /YOUR_PATH` 命令

# 如果使用了 --user 选项,不要忘了:
export PATH="/home/${USER}/.local/bin":$PATH

# 设置环境变量
MINIPKG_PATH=`realpath ./Compass_MiniPkg-Release-*-Linux`
export PATH=${MINIPKG_PATH}/simulator/bin:${PATH}
export PATH=${MINIPKG_PATH}/tool-chain/compiler/bin:${PATH}
export PATH=${MINIPKG_PATH}/tool-chain/debugger/bin:${PATH}


After the installation is successful, execute the ./ script to check whether all modules are working properly. This script only tests the availability of aipucc, aipu_simulator and aipubuild tools. If you need to use the complete functions of other independent modules (IDE, simulator, toolchain), please configure them according to the corresponding documents. For example, aipucc depends on the following runtime environments:

  • … (see the documentation for complete environment dependencies: minipkg/aipu-toolchain)


Documentation is placed in the /doc directory of Compass_MiniPkg.

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