Sa-Token is a lightweight Java authority authentication framework, which mainly solves a series of authority-related issues such as login authentication, authority authentication, distributed Session sessions, single sign-on, and OAuth2.0.

The framework is adapted to many common businesses such as kicking people offline, automatic renewal, separation of front and back, distributed conversations, etc. Through Sa-Token, you can realize the authority authentication part of the system in a very simple way

Sa-Token v1.33.0 version update includes the following:

  • Refactoring: Refactor the exception status code mechanism. [重要]
  • Refactoring: Refactor the exception code of the sa-token-sso module to start with 300, and change the exception code of sa-token-jwt to start with 302. [不向下兼容]
  • Added: Added a global Log module. [重要]
  • refactoring:SaTokenListenerForConsolePrint change name SaTokenListenerForLog. [不向下兼容]
  • Fix: Fix under multi-threading SaFoxUtil.getRandomString() Random number repeat question.
  • Fix: Fix the wrong configuration of the single logout url in the sa-token-demo-sso3-client-nosdk project
  • Documentation: Documentation optimization.

cn.dev33 sa-token-spring-boot-starter 1.33.0

Code repository:

Framework function structure diagram


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