New Pivot Extraordinary Desktop Environment (EX-NDE) is the desktop environment used by ZTE’s New Pivot OS.

New Pivot EX-NDE desktop environment is divided into two main bodies: desktop components and NDE-Wayland architecture.

  • Desktop components: Based on QT’s independent research and development, compatibility and ease of use have been greatly improved while ensuring lightweight, because a complete set of desktop systems based on QT, compared with GTK’s interface, its portability and code The ease of use, in the GUI development scenario, is more favored by developers, and has a desktop interaction that is more in line with the usage habits of our people.
  • NDE-Wayland architecture: Use the current mainstream Wayland architecture to enable desktops to run in a more lightweight environment. More importantly, under the current general trend of mobile chips, the Wayland architecture will soon become the mainstream instead of x11, and it will also be possible in the future Better compatibility with mobile ecology.

With the blessing of the above two lightweight solutions, the new fulcrum EX-NDE desktop environment is a hyper-converged intelligent lightweight desktop system that can integrate the two, and can run smoothly on various smart devices with low configuration.Support to choose three modes: server, desktop and tabletcan realize a set of codes to be used in three scenarios at the same time, greatly reduce the development cost of the software, and solve the fragmentation of the operating system.

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