Word GPT Plus is a Word add-in developed based on Vue3, which allows you to generate text based on the content written in the document. You can use it to translate, summarize, polish or write an article from scratch.

Open source address and software official website

Special feature

  • Use the GPT-3.5 API to generate text and support selection models
  • Built-in prompts for translation, summarization, polishing and academic writing
  • Support multiple languages
  • Tips can be customized and saved for future use
  • Allow user to set temperature and max tokens
  • support agent

use screenshot

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installation method

cloneKuingsmile/word-GPT-PlusAnd install dependencies, then run the project.

git clone https://github.com/Kuingsmile/word-GPT-Plus.git
yarn run serve

Sideload the add-in into Microsoft Word. Sideloading allows you to install and test add-ons that are not yet available in the Microsoft Store.

You can refer to the official instructions for sideloading Word GPT Plus:sideload office add-ins

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