Matomo is an open source website access statistics system based on PHP + MySQL technology, which can provide detailed statistics, such as the number of page viewers, most visited pages, search engine keywords and other traffic analysis functions.

Matomo 4.14 is officially released, the last minor release planned for Matomo 4, and it contains a large number of fixes, performance improvements, and usability tweaks. In addition to improving stability and compatibility, this release includes some preparatory work in preparation for Matomo 5.

  • Add diagnostic command option to list and remove unexpected files
  • Tabbing (tab navigation with keyboard) doesn’t work (regression) in Matomo 4.13
  • Show email instead of username on invitation accept screen
  • Improved detection for GA3 and GA4 to more accurately suggest proper tracking setup guidelines
  • Added code to include the plugin’s schedule command when generating GitHub actions
  • Make sure empty widgets are loaded correctly
  • Make sure segmented archives use the correct date range
  • Slightly improved the layout of access logs as dashboard widgets
  • Adjust some archivers to use the correct row limit when summarizing time periods
  • Fix PHP 8.2 bug in 2FA plugin
  • Fix PHP 8 type errors in NFS diagnostic checks
  • Fix uncountable fatal errors in data classes
  • Fix to allow switching activities during a session
  • Fix PHP 8.1 deprecation in DevicesDetection
  • Make sure to use an int value to determine the maximum value in the chart
  • Fix min PHP version check for compatibility with older versions
  • Matomo does not auto-detect language correctly

More details can be found at:

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