The Jmix framework development tool Studio 1.4.2 is released. This release mainly includes the following content. It is recommended to upgrade directly through the IDEA plug-in:

new function:

Support to select the data type (DataType) of the associated entity through the dialog box in Studio.

Optimization of custom theme interface in Studio.

Support for creating Embeddable entities in the Entity Designer.

XML editing supports injecting components into controllers directly from XML.

Major bug fixes and improvements:

Fixed the problem that the interface XML display sometimes does not display.

Fixed the problem that the changelog of the custom data type would be generated repeatedly.

Fixed incomplete JPQL designer change method.

Improved experience for row-level role JPQL editing.

When using a quick-fix, injection of non-existing class variables can be supported.

For a detailed list of fixed issues, please refer to Jmix Youtrack:

Jmix is ​​a Java code-less rapid development platform covering the entire application life cycle. With Spring Boot as the open source basic framework, it provides in-process Studio development tools and out-of-the-box extension components. Realize your digital vision through Jmix, no low-code platform restrictions, no vendor dependencies, and no per-user fees.

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