MathB is a mathematical pastebin software that powers It is a web-based service designed to share snippets of mathematical text with others on the World Wide Web.


  • minimalist user interface
  • Live preview of Markdown and LaTeX content being typed
  • Support freely mixing Markdown and LaTeX code
  • Print articles to PDF or paper and only print the rendered content
  • Except for rendered content, all UI elements are out of bounds for printing
  • no web cookies
  • no web analytics

quick start

  1. Install SBCL and Git.

    On macOS, if you have Homebrew, enter the following command:

    On Debian, Ubuntu, or other Debian-based Linux systems, enter the following command:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install sbcl git

  2. Install Quicklisp with the following command:

    curl -O
    sbcl --load quicklisp.lisp --eval "(quicklisp-quickstart:install)" --quit
    sbcl --load ~/quicklisp/setup.lisp --eval "(ql:add-to-init-file)" --quit

  3. From here on, we assume all commands are in the project’s top-level directory. To set up the necessary dependencies, run the project by running this command at the top level:

  4. Create data and log directories:

    sudo mkdir -p /opt/data/mathb/ /opt/log/mathb/
    sudo cp -R meta/data/* /opt/data/mathb/
    sudo chown -R "$USER" /opt/data/mathb/ /opt/log/mathb/

  5. Run MathB with:

  6. access http://localhost:4242/ to use MathB

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