Aider is a command-line chat tool that allows you to write and edit code using GPT-4. You can ask GPT to help you start a new project, or modify the code in your existing git repository. Aider makes it easy to git commit, diff and undo changes proposed by GPT. It also has features that help GPT understand and modify larger codebases.


  • Discuss and edit your code alongside GPT-4 by launching aider from the command line with a set of source files. GPT can see and edit the contents of these files.
  • If you or GPT mention other filenames that belong to the git repo, aider will ask you if you would like to add them to the chat.
  • Request new features, changes, improvements, or bug fixes for your code. Request new test cases, updated documentation or code refactoring.
  • aider will apply GPT-4 suggested edits directly to your source files.
  • aider will automatically commit each changeset to your local git repo with a descriptive commit message. These frequent, automated commits provide a safety net. It’s easy to undo changes made by the aider or use standard git workflows to manage long sequences of changes.
  • aider can review multiple source files at the same time and make coordinated code modifications to all of them in one changeset/commit.
  • aider can give GPT a map of the entire git repo, which helps it understand and modify large code bases.
  • You can manually edit the file with your editor while chatting with the aider.

    • Aider will notice if you edit files outside of chat.
    • It will help you submit these out-of-band changes if you wish.
    • It will bring the updated file content to the chat room.
    • Jump back and forth between the aider chat room and your editor for fluid collaboration.

  • Real-time, colorful, humanized output.
  • Read thread-style chat input history, auto-completing code tokens in the source file in question (via prompt_toolkit and pygments dictionaries).

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