After a violent response from the open source community, Docker issued an announcement saying that it apologized for the way the company communicated and implemented the deactivation of the Docker “Free Team” subscription. weak problem.

Recently,Docker to someUsers with Free Team accounts sent an email saying they will soon no longer be able to use the service; failing to upgrade to a $300-a-year paid subscription means they risk losing data access (accounts will be blocked). Delete, including all mirror data, etc.). And Docker only gives them one month to switch to a paid subscription.

In this regard, Docker explained that the deprecation of Free Team only affected less than 2% of users.This change will not affect A Docker Personal, Docker Pro, Docker Team, or Docker Business account, Docker-Sponsored Open Source members, Docker Verified Publishers, or Docker Official Images.

And said that part of the reason why the Docker Free Team subscription was abandoned was that it was too poorly targeted; at the same time, they also promoted their Docker-Sponsored Open Source project, saying that it can provide better services for the open source audience, far better than Free Team.

And clarified on the issue of image deletion, saying that public images will only be deleted from Docker Hub if the maintainer decides to delete them. “Sorry, our initial communication failed to make this clear”.On the other hand, even if the organization account is suspended, deleted or the user voluntarily choosesWithout Docker, the organization’s namespace will not be released, so there will be no problem of being preempted by other users.

More details can be found in the official announcement.

But the public doesn’t seem to buy into Docker’s announcement. In the discussion thread on Reddit, the #1 comment read, “Translate: We’re sorry. We didn’t expect the backlash. We’re still working on reforms, but in smaller increments to Distribute negative publicity.”

Others said that Docker did not apologize for its actions, but for the announcement. And the whole article is simply unreadable, a lot of marketing crap.

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