Clash is a rule-based tunneling for Go.


  • Native HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS server with authentication support
  • Shadowsocks(R), VMess, Trojan, Snell, SOCKS5, HTTP(S) outbound support
  • built-infake IP DNS server designed to minimize the impact of DNS pollution attacks. Support for DoH/DoT upstream.
  • Route packets to different destinations based on domain, GEOIP, IP-CIDR or process name rules
  • Proxy groups allow users to enforce powerful rules.Supports automatic fallback, load balancing, or automatic proxy selection based on shutdown delay
  • Remote providers, allowing users to get proxy list remotely instead of hardcoding in config
  • Transparent proxy: Redirect TCP and TProxy TCP/UDP with automatic routing table/rule management
  • Hot reload via comprehensive HTTP RESTful API controller

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