ChatGPT Shortcut is a ChatGPT shortcut table divided according to different fields and functions. It can use prompt words through tag filtering, keyword search and one-click copying, aiming to simplify your workflow and improve productivity.

Even for beginners, you only need to copy the prompt word, modify it slightly and send it to ChatGPT, you can get the specified output, which doubles your productivity!

Prompt words (i.e. Prompt) are usually questions or text provided by the user to activate the model to generate a response. Simply put, the prompt is what the user wants to ask, and it is sent to ChatGPT as an input, and ChatGPT will try to understand this input, and then output an appropriate answer or response. By optimizing the prompt words, ChatGPT can generate more accurate and useful replies.

The prompts on the ChatGPT Shortcut page come from web curated, contributed and Awesome ChatGPT Prompts,Regularly updated.

Instructions for use

The ChatGPT Shortcut page displays all prompt words by default, and the page is divided into label area, search area and prompt word display area.

????︎ Label filtering

The label area is divided according to the fields and functions of prompt words, which can be selected according to different scenarios and needs. It can be used in conjunction with the “Tag Filtering Rule Switching” button at the upper right of the tag area to perform multi-tag filtering. The default state is OR, that is, all prompt words under the label are selected. When switched to AND, prompt words with multiple tags selected will be filtered out.


???? keyword search

The keyword search scope includes the title, introduction, content and Chinese translation of the prompt words. After entering keywords, the prompt word display area will immediately display the filtered content. If a tag is selected, the keyword search is limited to the tag filter. For the PC side, after the content of the search box changes, new search results will be displayed after 800 milliseconds. The mobile terminal is instant refresh.


???? Display area copy

Through label screening and keyword search, click the “Copy” button on the upper right of the card to get the prompt word, paste it into ChatGPT, refer to the Chinese prompt to adjust the required text, and then get a reply in the specified field. If the Chinese remarks in the prompt words are not explained clearly, you can click the green title of the prompt word to view the source webpage.


???? language switch

By default, the prompt word content will be displayed in English. If you want to view the Chinese interpretation, you can click on the content of the prompt word to switch it to Chinese, and click it again to switch back to English. Please note that language switching is only effective when clicking on the text, and clicking on a blank area is invalid.

Switch between Chinese and English

If you want the prompt words to be displayed in Chinese by default, you can click on the right side of the navigation bar CN button. It should be noted that even if you switch to Chinese translation, the copy button will only copy the prompt words in English. The reason will be explained below.

???? common problem

Why are the prompt words in English?

ChatGPT Shortcut was created to facilitate the use of ChatGPT by native Chinese speakers, but the prompt words are all in English. This is because ChatGPT understands English better than Chinese. Even MOSS, the first large-scale conversational language model in China, admits that the English answer level of MOSS is higher than that of Chinese, and it is recommended to use English. (MOSS is no longer open to the public)

You may get good results using Chinese prompt words, but when you enter the same Chinese prompt again, the results may be very different from before. Because ChatGPT’s understanding of Chinese is different every time, it is recommended that you use English prompt words in the input of productivity prompt words to ensure the output effect.In addition, the reply brought by the prompt word in English is also likely to be in English, you can add at the end of the prompt word respond in Chinesespecifying the reply as Chinese.

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