As can be seen from the official website of RISC-V International, Tencent Technology has officially joined RISC-V International and is listed in the Premier Members row.

The open-source RISC-V is an alternative to Intel’s proprietary X86 and UK Arm architectures, and RISC-V International is a not-for-profit organization that manages the open-standard RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA), associated specifications, and community of interested parties. RISC-V combines a modular technology approach with an open, free licensing model so that anyone can benefit from RISC-V contributions and resulting optimizations.

Premier members of RISC-V International have an annual membership fee of up to $250,000, but enjoy seats on the RISC-V International Board of Directors and Technical Steering Committee. In various voting and activities, the top members of RISC-V International have the largest voting rights, and among the top members, the number of members from China occupies an absolute majority.

The following is a brief introduction to the top members of RISC-V International (the following content comes from the Internet):

  • Alibaba Cloud: The masterpiece is Pingtouge’s four Xuantie RISC-V series processors (E902, E906, C906, C910)
  • Beijing Open Source Chip Research Institute: mainly researching Xiangshan chips
  • Huawei: HiSilicon has produced a lot of RISCV MCUs, such as wifi/TV chips
  • Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (founding member of RISC-V): The earliest computer research institute in China, where China’s first electronic computer was born.
  • Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences: Helped RISCV to adapt basic software such as JVM, Firefox, Chromium, Android, etc., and helped transplant archlinux, gentoo Linux and other systems
  • RIOS: RISC-V International Open Source Laboratory, a laboratory jointly established by Tsinghua Shenzhen Research Institute and Berkeley.
  • Saifang Technology: It was originally a branch of SiFive, but later went out independently. Its JH7110 is a Soc with high performance and moderate price.
  • Sim Computing: A company that uses the RISCV instruction set as an AI chip
  • Tencent Technology: Everyone knows
  • Ziguang Zhanrui unisoc: a domestic chip manufacturer, focusing on low-end Soc,Cheap and large
  • ZTE Technology: Everyone knows it
  • Become capital: the investment company of the boss of
  • Advanced Computing and Key Software (Xinchuang) Haihe Laboratory: only known to be established in Tianjin
  • Andes Technology (founding member of RISC-V): IP R&D company in Hsinchu City, Taiwan Province
  • Google: (RISC-V founding member): Everyone knows
  • Imagination: British IP research and development company, Apple’s former royal GPU, is now a Chinese-owned holding company
  • Intel: Together with SiFive, Intel 14nm+++ is used to manufacture CPUs, and authorized foundries and IP cores that no one uses
  • India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information: India has designated RISC-V as a “national instruction set”
  • Qualcomm (founding member of RISC-V): Socs after Snapdragon 855 all contain MCUs with RISC-V cores
  • Rivos: Startups in America
  • VentanaMicro: Startup
  • Seagate: A company that makes hard drives
  • SiFive (founding member of RISC-V): The company opened by the founder of RISC-V, Intel once wanted to acquire it
  • Syntacore (founding member of RISC-V): A company specializing in the development of RISC-V IP cores
  • Western Digital (founding member of RISC-V): A company that manufactures hard disks, developed and open sourced RISC-V MCUs, and used them for their own hard disk masters

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