1Panel is a modern, open source Linux server operation and maintenance management panel. 1Panel features and benefits include:

  • Quickly build a website: Deep integration of WordPress and Haloone-click domain name binding, SSL certificate configuration, etc.;
  • efficient management: Easily manage Linux servers through the web, including application management, host monitoring, file management, database management, container management, etc.;
  • Safe and reliable: Minimum vulnerability exposure surface, providing functions such as firewall and security audit;
  • One-click backup: Support one-click backup and recovery, backup data cloud storage, never lost.

UI display

quick start

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A key installation

Execute the following command to install 1Panel with one click:

curl -sSL https://resource.fit2cloud.com/1panel/package/quick_start.sh -o quick_start.sh && sudo bash quick_start.sh

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