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Google has been actively helping developers to flexibly use cutting-edge technologies, explore innovative ways to solve real-world problems, respond to changes with the power of technology, and help others. The mission of mass use, for the benefit of all.” In “Code for the future, Code for Better Under the guidance of the theme of ”, Google will work with developers to explore more powerful development tools, richer learning resources, build a more diverse community ecology, and a broader global stage.

Overview of Keynote Speakers

Jeanine, Vice President and General Manager, Google Developer X and Development Technology Outreach Banks says helping developersBuild products for today and tomorrowis Google’s steadfast goalmark.This year, Google continued to update and improve development technology and products in response to the various needs of developers.products, simplify the development process, and make development practices more efficient.

Chen Zhuo, Google’s development technology promotion engineer, shared the latest Android developments with you.state.Android 13 has been officially launched, this version adds theprivacy,productive forcesandmodernstandardsupport and enhancements to help developers build high-quality apps and products more easily.

Modern Android development tools also further enhance developer productivity, including What’s New in Android Studiowill helpEfficiently build high-quality applications,Jetpack Compose 1.2 StableIt has also been released to help developers become more comfortable in innovation.

Flutter product manager Fan Zhouying also mentioned the newly released Flutter 3.3 Focused on refinement and performance improvements, a series of new features have also been added toOptimize development experience.

Launched in partnership with Flutter app design studio Gskinner Wonderous The app is also worth downloading, where you can explore the magnificence of the eight wonders of the world, and learn how to use Flutter to create high-performance and beautiful interactive experiences from examples.

howBuild web content more efficiently, continue to tap the potential of web content development? Paul Kinlan, Google Senior Development Technology Promotion Engineer and Chrome Development Technology PromotionThe head of the department showcases new developments that make web building more efficient. The Web and the Entire EcosystemuniteImprove browser compatibilityenabling it to support a variety of frameworks, tools and libraries; itsmiddle Interop 2022 Standardis built to help developers solve common “pain points”, allowing developers toDon’t worry about compatibility, focus on usersDevelop rich web experiences.

Chrome DevToolsImprovements also provide the best tools and guidance at your fingertips.thisThe outer web is experimentingNew Web API —— Shared element transitionIt is also worth looking forward to, it canto bring beautiful transitions to the web that were only possible in native apps.

Laurence Moroney, Director of Google AI and ML Development Technology Promotion, took everyone to review Google’s growth in the field of machine learning and brought new progress.

Adhering to the philosophy of openness and sharing, Google is committed to providing machine learningComprehensive free and open source ecosystembuild better and synergistic technologies and platforms, integrate multiple machine learning utilitiesTensor Projects Officially launched this year.In the future, Tensor Projects will continue to improve to meet the needs of future developers for machine learning applications.EmbraceA more inclusive open source ecosystem.

MediaPipe Also officially met with developers, who can create their own on-device machine learning solutions through the low-code libraries of MediaPipe Tasks and MediaPipe Model Maker,More flexible use of machine learning techniquesto easily implement more ideas into products.

Google helps developersEasy multi-platform developmentto give more technical and tool support with synergistic effects, so that developers can get theA smoother seamless development experience.

Android 13 supports cross-screen development, and modern Android development tools are also simplifying cross-screen developmentscreen-based application development process, where Android Studio and Kotlin programming languages ​​are multi-deviceDevice development provides comprehensive functionality and an efficient development experience.

Android also created a set of “Large Screen App Quality Guidelines” and”Material Design Layout Specifications”, to help developers optimize large-screen-based applications.

Android also released Jetpack Compose for Wear OSto help developers apply past development experience to the experience of building a watch screen, buildMore polished wearables apps.

Sumit Chandel, Google Development Technology Promotion Engineer, pointed out that this year will further strengthen Firebase Integrations with Google’s popular development products, allowing developers to confidently connect with tools from the open ecosystem in FirebaseCollaborative work,Improve cross-platform application development efficiency.

This year Flutter and Firebase Collaboration Support and Integrationofficially entered the stable version, and at the same time Firebase Crashlytics It also enhances the function to help developers prioritize and fix crashes based on the impact on real users.

Firebase and Android Studio have also been associated and integrated, and developers have launched a new App Quality Insights Discover, investigate, and reproduce issues reported by Crashlytics without switching tools. Crashlytics now also works with Play Track FeaturesWith the integration, developers can quickly understand the situation of each version, and determine the priority of fixing when a crash problem is found.

Successful application development is inseparable fromusertrust, Google always pays attention to the protection of user security, user data and privacy, helping developers to continuouslyStrengthen the protection of user privacybuild stronger trust.

Android 13 Improved privacy protection and enhanced notification permissions. Web launchFederated Credential Management,Browser-mediatedSeamless and secure login experience, which avoids possible cross-site tracking. Web also launchednew pass keywhich enables users to sync WebAuthn credentials across devices, a step closer to a passwordless future.

Firebase recently officially released a security solution App Checkto help openDevelopers protect the security of data and users, and control who has access to their resources and infrastructurepermissions.

Leiju Zhang, Director of Business Development, Google Play Greater China Google Play hidden in dataThe multifaceted progress made in private safety and security is introduced and interpreted.

Google Play offers developers a new SDK Retrieval ( SDK Index ) Functionand introduced Play Console Features to facilitate developer selection, integration, and managementand use the SDK more safely.

Combined with App Signing and Cloud Key Management, and Play Integrity API enhancements, Google Play Protect apps from piracyandother fraudulent activitiesViolation.

The Data Safety Section of the Play Store also allows users to more intuitively understand the applicationindivualSafeguarding measures for personal data security.In order to further establish a more favorableprivacy-preserving advertisingputwe launched Privacy Sandbox on Android and will continue to promote itDevelopments and applications in the industry.

Google continues to provide developers with learning resource support and free online learning resources, hoping to help developers explore cutting-edge development technologies and continuously expand their knowledge and skills.

Google Developer Online CourseCarefully built by the Google product team, covering 10+ Google products or services, including 130+ online courses, 200+ guided programming exercises (Codelabs), to help developers quickly master technical knowledge and skills. More courses are constantly being updated.

If you are interested in building game applications and going overseas, you can go to Google Play AcademyExplore 100+ course resources to learn how to create and grow your own business on Google Play.

TensorFlow official team launched“Introduction to TensorFlow – Deployment”Special courses, designed by teachers from many domestic colleges and universities and Google certified developer expertsproduction, help developers efficiently get started with the deployment field, and master how to deploy models inAndroid and iOS projects, browsers using JavaScript, and delivering services through the cloudPrepare for practical application.

In addition to continuously updating learning resources, Lu Yunsheng, general manager of Google’s Beijing R&D Center, also worked with the University ofHome shows how Google is helping more developers grow by focusing on talent development.pass Google China Education Cooperation Teacher TrainingProject, Google’s effort to push computer developmentEnlightenment and popularization of source technology, let more young students become “small developers”, 2021 Annually, more than 600 colleges and universities and nearly 1,900 primary and secondary schools have participated in online training.ValleySong Digital Talent Training ProgramEnriched digital marketing and teaching staff for college students and teachersTraining system, the project was successfully selected into the Ministry of Education’s 2022 Student Talent Training and Employment Supportproject.

Together with Chinese enterprises and partners, Google helps developers and global users connect and communicate through more open technologies, platforms and local support, and helps them play an important role on the global stage.

Through tailor-made for Chinese overseas start-up enterprisesGoogle’s Overseas Entrepreneurship AcceleratorFor the project, Google hopes to help Chinese overseas start-ups build internal strength, gather resources, and set sail overseas. This year, the project welcomes a new batch of accelerator companies, and together with China’s leading overseas entrepreneurs, outstanding investors, experts and leaders in various fields of Google, etc., provide multi-faceted support such as open source technology and market for accelerator companies.

Google supports Chinese enterprises to go overseas from zero to one through continuously updated products and platforms, and cooperates with partners through services of the whole product chainfrom one to one hundredGrow on the global stage and discover more blue oceans of opportunities.our OEM partners actively explore overseas application distribution relying on the Android ecosystem and Google’s advertising product matrixand new user scenarios, and achieved significant business growth.

Under the wave of globalization, Google is also actively helping cultural creators to reach global users.passWith technical support from Google, Youtube is able to putAutomatically translate subtitlesFeatures applied to mobile devicesequipment so that creators’ native works can be 16 auto-translated video subtitle linkglobal audience.

Lu Yunsheng mentioned that the developers have always used technology to build a better future for us and our loved ones with the spirit of facing the future without limits.for example Immersive Stream XR Richthe way people get information, users can create extended reality experiences and transmit them to millions of mobile devicesImmersive interactive experience. Google also hopes to allow developers and users to enjoy the convenience and improvement brought by technology from more levels.

Google Arts & Culture launched with Chinese partnersWonderful lookArtistic interactive experiment, users can combineFeatured intangible cultural heritage worksandcultural landmarkdraw your own gorgeous world online, and use technology to carry the beauty of China’s intangible cultural heritage.

Wei Xiaoqian, general manager of Google’s Shanghai R&D Center, also took everyone to review the past year in Google’sBuild a diverse, equal and inclusive ecosystemThe support invested in and the full results achieved, I hopeIt is hoped that through the Google Developers Conference, we will further link developers across the country and jointly create aA more open and warm developer community.

Helping the sustainable development of the developer community ecology has always been Google’s insistence.Continued to be self-organized by developers Google Developer CommunityCreate opportunities for communicationindustry experience. This year’s DevFest series led by the Google developer community will feature 20+ The first stop will open next week.In addition to DevFest, the developer community held a superOver 75 events, including exchanges on technology topics such as Android, as well as openA relaxing and interactive gathering for developers.

Women Techmakers CommunityThis year also held a wealth of exchange activities to continuously empower Chinese female developers through communities and resources. Until this year’s International Women’s Day, the number of developers reached by the Women Techmakers event has quadrupled compared to 2019, and more than 60% of the participants are female developers.We also invited outstanding female leaders in the technology industry to share their experiences and support #IamRemarkable Workshops hold events that recognize individual achievements, explore career development opportunities, and help women and minorities develop leadership and self-confidence.

Google always implements the design concept of accessibility and inclusiveness, and actively uses specific products to improve the user experience of accessibility. Accessibility team update improves Live Transcribewhich supports dialogues in more than 80 languages ​​and dialects, and converts them into text messages in real time, which can also be used without a network.Sound Amplifier Amplifies surrounding sounds and helps hearing-impaired people hear surrounding sounds through noise reduction.

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