Wine Runner is a program that allows Linux users to run Windows applications more conveniently. It has built-in support for Wine graphics, various Wine tools, self-made Wine program packager and runtime installation tools, etc.

At the same time, it also has a built-in Windows virtual machine installation tool based on VirtualBox for Xiaobai. You only need to download the system image and click to install it, without considering the installation, creation, partitioning and other operations of the virtual machine.

In addition, it simplifies the following commands to make using Wine easier:

env WINEPREFIX=容器路径 wine(wine的路径) 可执行文件路径

The Wine runner is built with PyQt5 for Python3.Test platform: deepin 20.8; UOS Home Edition 21.3.1; Ubuntu 22.04; Ubuntu 20.04; UOS Professional Edition 1050; openkylin

Screenshot_select area_20221002221112.png

Software Architecture

Theoretically support the whole architecture, if Python can run
Non-X86 architectures will take advantage of box86,exagear,qemu and other technologies

Currently implemented functions (partial)

  1. Run EXE with Wine
  2. Support for downloading/installing Wine
  3. Support downloading customized Chroot container and use Qemu to run it
  4. supportsemi-automaticInstall Windows 7 image to VirtualBox (x86_64 only)
  5. Support packaging Wine applications (simple packager/packager based on ecological adaptation script/advanced packager)
  6. Detect container missing DLL and download it
  7. Support online/local pull and deployment of Wine container configuration scheme (preliminary application store)
  8. Support for installing Windows runtime libraries (such as .net framework, Mono, Gecko, Visual Studio C++)
  9. Support Wine shortcut key mapping
  10. Support calling box86, exagear, Qemu and other tools to run Wine across architectures
  11. Support for managing shortcuts automatically generated by Wine
  12. Support for uninstalling programs with Geek Uninstaller
  13. Support custom generation of .desktop to desktop and launcher
  14. Support downloading and adapting common fonts
  15. Support to terminate all programs running in the specified container

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