2022 OSC China Open Source Project Selection——“2022 Health Cases of China’s Open Source Community”The winning community is officially announced!

The health of an open source community refers to the diversity, management, and operation of a community formed around an open source project in terms of project technical iteration, community organizational structure, membership, open source governance, upstream and downstream collaboration, community ecology, and commercialization. capacity status. These factors are critical in guiding the continuous development of open source projects and corresponding communities.

In recent years, more attention has been paid to this topic in China, and the overall development trend is positive. How do project communities specifically think about “health” and how do they practice it? We hope to discover more valuable information from the perspectives of different open source communities.

After discussion and decision by the organizing committee, the 2022 OSC China Open Source Project Selection“2022 Health Cases of China’s Open Source Community”The open source community is as follows:

Award-Winning Open Source Community Health Cases Now Featured in [Collection of Open Source Community Health Cases]Warehouseand will be published on the News Fast Delivery website homepage and WeChat official account, welcome to pay attention:

In 2021, News Fast Delivery also included a number of excellent open source community health cases, check for details[2021 Collection of Community Health Cases of Open Source Projects].

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