Rust Universal Code Generator: Lotus Smoke Beta 4, released the latest introduction video

Rust Universal Code Generator: Lotus Smoke Beta 4, the latest introduction video has been released. See:

General code generator for Rust language: Lotus, has released smoke test version 4, this version supports PostgreSQL database. Perfect support picture function. All attached examples are supported. Now supports MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL three databases. Welcome to try it out. In recent developments, all the functions of the attached non-Oracle examples, including graphical reports and complex layout functions, have also been supported. Extensive testing and feedback are welcome. This version does not yet support elastic login module, Vue front-end and Oracle database, so stay tuned for the new version.

The project address of the code generator:

The download address of the binary war package:


Rust Generic Code Generator: Lotus

Software Architecture Description

The software is written in Java and deployed in the webapps directory of Tomcat 9.

This software is rewritten from the general code generator of Go language: Xiantong early adopter version 12.

The code generation is a rust 1.65 environment. Using Axum 0.4.8, tower web framework, tokio 1.0, sqlx 0.3.5 database access layer and MariaDB, MySQL 8, PostgreSQL database.

Currently the code generator is in smoke beta 4. You can use the attached sample test system to get a working code generation.

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# Generic Code Generator #

Introduction video

Smoke Beta Download

Project picture

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software screenshot

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code generator screenshot

single table operation

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many to many

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complex layout, tree table

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graphic report

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picture function

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Reference routine

You can refer to the routine GirlOnlyTower, see:

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