The Caliber open source project is the official e-book management tool of Caliber. It can view, convert, edit and categorize eBooks in all major formats. Caliber is cross-platform software that runs on Linux, Windows and macOS.

Caliber 6.10 is officially released, the updates are as follows:

new function

  • Content Server: Added support for full-text search of books. Just click the FTS link on the search page to start a full-text search.
  • Content Server: When using a user account, the home page now shows recently read books from any device, not just the current device
  • Kobo Driver: Increased maximum supported firmware version
  • Convert: Provides new output profiles for Kindle Scribe
  • Check Libraries: Allow folder names and file names to be ignored

bug fixes

  • Editing Books: Fixed various formatting operations not inserting tabs at the correct position when there were non-BMP characters
  • EDIT BOOK: Use instead of for strikethrough.
  • Edit Book: Fixed exporting saved searches to search panel not preserving package checkbox state
  • Content Server: Redirect index pages to always have a trailing slash when using URL prefixes
  • Books List: Fix Qt 6 behavior change where clicking on a selected row would not deselect other rows
  • Windows: Fixed a regression in caliber 6 that caused Open With to fail to extract icons from EXE files

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