Open-source graphics editor GIMP has released its annual report for 2022.

GIMP released a stable version (GIMP2.10.32) and three development versions (GIMP2.99.10, 2.99.12 & 2.99.14) last year; 1461 commits were submitted on the unstable development branch and 276 on the stable branch.

Functionally, while GIMP’s Wayland support is still unstable, it has improved a lot in the last year. The porting from GTK2 to GTK+3 is also almost complete. In addition, GIMP 3.0’s API development work has also made considerable progress in the last year.

Graphics engine-wise, automatic LUT creation for color conversion in babl has taken a big step forward, a feature first introduced in GIMP 2.99.10 and then added to stable release 2.10.32. Also, all babl, GEGL, and ctx are SIMD-optimized for performance gains.

In terms of software packaging, GIMP was officially launched in the Microsoft Store last year, and it also provides a version that supports Apple Silicon chips.

For the long-awaited GIMP 3.0, the developer said it plans to launch it in 2023-at least one RC candidate will be released. Of course, this is not a certainty, and the developer emphasizes that this is not a promise, and he cannot guarantee it.

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