2022 OSC China Open Source Project Selection——“Excellent International Chinese Community of Open Source Projects”Officially announced!

There are countless international well-known open source projects, and a group of open source and technology enthusiasts have carried them forward in China. Among them, various “Chinese communities” can be said to be the base for the growth of many projects.

This year, we will focus on these excellent Chinese communities of international open source projects, and select the best among them, hoping to make developers pay attention. Good to know about these open source technologies.

After discussion and decision by the organizing committee, it was selected as the 2022 OSC China Open Source Project“Excellent International Chinese Community of Open Source Projects”The community is as follows:

The Chinese community of the award-winning international open source project is now included in [Chinese open source community landscape – Chinese community for international open source projects]storehouseand will be published on the homepage of the News Fast Delivery website and the WeChat public account, welcome to pay attention:

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