Memcached 1.6.18 is now released, this versionMainly fixes and improvements to proxy mode. And the Meta protocol has some tweaks: extra spaces are returned in rare cases.

The specific updates include:


  • core: do not stop threads on SIGINT/SIGTERM
  • core: remove printf from signal handler
  • proxy: now relative to the log time of the resp lifetime
  • proxy: fix AWIT crash during SIGHUP reload
  • proxy: fix lifecycle of backend connections
  • proxy: IO thread performance improvements
  • proxy: addmcp.AWAIT_BACKGROUND
  • proxy: fix lua registry corruption on block errors
  • proxy: addproxy_await_activestat
  • proxy: fix partial response read handling
  • proxy: add more backend failure messages
  • proxy: fixmcp.log_reqCrash on nil res
  • core: fix tagged listeners with len < 8
  • proxy: add debug symbols to lua build
  • Remove libevent license from usage
  • Fixed issues building with clang-15
  • meta: deletemeta_response_oldboot options
  • meta: allow mg without flags + reflect O/k on EN
  • meta: extra spaces for meta arithmetic commands
  • meta: Remove redundant spaces from meta responses
  • proxy: fix backend connection initialization error
  • Fix log timestamps after 2038
  • Fix clang wrong function prototype
  • proxy: add mcp.await FASTGOOD flag

New Features

related proxy For API updates, see Proxy wiki page.

More details can be found at:

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