DataGear 4.4.0 is released, bringing new Kanban features, the specific updates are as follows:

  • Added: Added dg-chart-manual-render attribute to Kanban, which is used to control whether to manually render the chart;
  • Added: Added “instance” value to Kanban dg-dashboard-code attribute, deprecated dg-dashboard-auto-render attribute;
  • Added: Multiple lifecycle-related functions have been added to the Kanban JS object, which can control the lifecycle of the Kanban more flexibly;
  • Added: The themeGradualColor() function is added to the chart JS object to replace the deprecated gradualColor() function;
  • Added: Added multiple lifecycle-related functions for the chart JS object, which can control the chart lifecycle more flexibly;
  • Fix: Fix the bug that the display page cannot be opened when the template name of the kanban home page contains a Chinese subpath;
  • Fix: Fix the bug that calling the refreshData() function of its own chart JS object in the chart listener does not work;
  • Repair: Fix the bug that sometimes the page number in the pagination bar of the system management query page is inaccurately displayed;
  • Improvement: Abandon the chart event related callback function in dg-dashboard-listener, dg-chart-listener already has the same function;
  • Improvement: Simplify the themeStyleName() and themeStyleSheet() functions of the chart JS object, and discard the theme parameter item;
  • Improvement: Deprecate dashboard.batchSetDataSetParamValues() function, it is not practical;
  • Improvement: Charts no longer draw unnecessary related HTML elements after completely disabling interaction settings;
  • Improvement: Improve the code color matching of the kanban source code editing mode;
  • Improvement: Built-in custom chart plug-ins are classified separately to avoid confusion with unclassified plug-ins;
  • Improvement: The chart support library ECharts version is upgraded from 5.4.0 to 5.4.1;

DataGear is an open source and free data visualization analysis platform, which supports free creation of any data visualization Kanban you want.

System Features:

Support runtime access to any database that provides JDBC drivers, including relational databases such as MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and big data engines such as Elasticsearch, ClickHouse, and Hive

Supports the creation of SQL, CSV, Excel, HTTP interface, and JSON datasets, and can be set as dynamic parameterized datasets. Dataset parameters of text boxes, drop-down boxes, date boxes, time boxes, etc. can be defined, and flexible filtering can meet different requirements. data for business needs

  • Powerful and rich data charts

Data charts can aggregate and bind multiple data sets in different formats, and easily define year-on-year and chain charts, with built-in line charts, histograms, pie charts, maps, radar charts, funnel charts, scatter charts, candlestick charts, and Sankey charts 70+ out-of-the-box charts, and supports custom chart configuration items, and supports writing and uploading custom chart plug-ins

  • Free and open data dashboard

Data Kanban uses native HTML web pages as templates, supports importing any HTML web pages, supports visual design and editing of Kanban boards, and also supports free editing of Kanban source codes using JavaScript, CSS and other web front-end technologies, and has a rich built-in API to create chart linkage , data drilling, asynchronous loading, interactive forms and other personalized data dashboards

Official website address:

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System screenshot:

Data source management

SQL data set

Kanban editor

Create Kanban

data drill

map linkage

Kanban form

real time chart

asynchronous loading

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