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Standalone OpenCart——Special system for foreign trade platform self-built station/cross-border e-commerce independent station.Easy installation, powerful function, simple operation

foreword: We upgraded the OpenCart stand-alone system to v4.1.1.1. This time, we updated the browser collection plug-in, discount code, Lianlian payment and other useful new functions

Next, I will introduce to you in detail what functions have been upgraded in OpenCart_v4.1.1.1 this time!

(1) Important functions | Browser collection plug-in

Cross-border sellers have a very urgent demand for the function of collecting products from other platforms. This time we focused on integrating the OpenCart browser collection plug-in, so that sellers can easily collect products on the e-commerce platform and put them on the independent website. Currently, there are four platforms that support collection:, 1688, Tmall, and Taobao. In the future, we will be compatible with more website product collections according to the needs of sellers!

Collection process:

  1. Enter chrome://extensions/ in the address bar of the Chrome browser to access the extension program

  2. Open “Developer Mode” and click “Load Unpacked Extension” to select the plugin file

  3. After successful installation, fix the expansion plug-in to the side

  4. Click the plug-in icon to configure the website domain name

  5. Go to the specified webpage to start collection (check in the background “Commodity Management”)

The acquisition demonstration process is as follows (click to view a larger image):

plugin installation

start collecting

collection complete

(2) Replacing the front date selector style

The date picker is changed from datetimepicker style to laydate style

When customers need to enter date-related data, they can see the selector in laydate style

(3) Integrated Lianlian payment collection method

Lianlian Payment is an independent third-party payment platform company.

It has served more than 20 vertical industries and more than 20,000 online trading platforms.At the same time, it supports the cross-border collection function of more than 60 sites on more than 20 cross-border e-commerce platforms, covering more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and is the mainstream cross-border collection method in the world

Configuration path: module management → payment and collection → search for “LianLianPay”

(4) New discount code function

Configuration path: Marketing Promotion→Coupon→Basic Information→Coupon Code

In the coupon function, the seller can use it by selecting the “coupon code”.After entering the discount code string, fill in other required fields and save

The user clicks “Use Coupon Code” on the checkout page, enters the coupon code, and clicks to use to get the corresponding discount!

(1) 17Track key becomes fillable

(2) Hide background logo configuration

(3) Move the mouse of the front desk classification module on the PC side to display the full name

(4) SMTP add help document link

(5) Deal with the default value of courier bird order courier tracking

(6) Improve the multilingual entry of full discount function


serial number

Repair function points


Front-end ID card information filling UI error


Contact Us Email Subject Questions


Only “Completed” orders can initiate a return


All product list UI issues


The third-party login icon does not display the problem


The administrator of the new order cannot receive the SMS notification


Alipay reported an error


APP, small program homepage design authority judgment problem


Background product details page editing details tab switching problem


Adapt to multi-merchant picture manager


After the newly created folder uploads pictures, the folder disappears


Delivery management loading does not disappear


full reduction problem

More product updates

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