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At the beginning of 2023, the Zadig team officially released the v1.16.0 developer welfare version.

This version is mainly for developers to experience in-depth optimization, interactive optimization involves 32 front-end improvement points, and 30,000 lines of code submission; it supports developer dashboards in terms of capabilities, and supports international i18n for the first time; the workflow that developers are most concerned about is also greatly optimized. Support multi-segment code pre-merge verification, and IM can accurately notify people; custom workflow can be expanded with massive capabilities, and there is no need to worry about combining scenarios.

The Zadig team is willing to use this full of detail care to accompany the community partners towards the new year.Enjoy~

Support the developer dashboard, and you will know “have” when you have a dashboard

Get an at-a-glance view of your team with a running workflow.Configure my workflow and the environment I care about, no need to look around, focus on creating

Support international i18n, one-stop collaboration for global teams

For the first time, English is supported, and one-click switching makes it more efficient for you and your colleagues to collaborate across borders and regions.

32 experience interaction optimizations, 30,000 lines of front-end code submission

Experience optimization was jointly initiated by two new post-00s in the Zadig open source team. In-depth experience and details are everywhere, and it is the last word to use it well

Code branch selection component optimization, clearer workflow display, project list/mirror warehouse selection support search.

The log supports custom colors that are invisible to the eyes, optimizes the loading of front-end font references, and improves the page speed to a higher level.

Enhanced workflow role-oriented collaboration, more efficient, accurate and powerful

Workflow supports view classification, no matter how many workflows there are, you are not afraid of getting lost

Support multi-segment code (PR/MR) pre-merge build, build and deploy in parallel, and double the verification efficiency

Workflow IM notification supports Feishu & Enterprise WeChat to designate people, avoiding the interruption of group messages, and teamwork is more efficient and accurate

Customize workflow extension tasks to fully adapt to complex scenarios
Code change trigger branch selection supports regular expressions, flexible trigger configuration, and precise control of strategies

Supports image distribution tasks, flexible connection of multiple development, test and release processes, and safe upgrade of deliverables

Supports parameter transfer between tasks, shared storage and other rigid-needed capabilities, making custom task design more convenient

Support custom workflow pass rate measurement and time-consuming analysis, and the efficiency is clear at a glance

Enhanced code scanning versatility and tighter connection

Custom workflows support the orchestration of code scanning steps, which can flexibly orchestrate code scanning to any stage.

SonarQube scanning also supports setting custom build images, and the results can be linked to the corresponding sonar project after execution.

New function details list



  • Workflow Support View

  • Workflow supports multiple PR merge builds

  • Workflow supports Chinese name

  • Workflow IM notification supports designated persons (Feishu & WeChat Work)

  • Custom workflow code changes trigger branch selection supports regular expressions

  • Custom workflow supports image distribution tasks

  • Custom workflow supports parameter passing between tasks

  • Custom workflow supports shared storage between tasks

  • Custom workflows increase pass rate and time-consuming analysis data

  • Custom Workflow Adds Prepare Environment Stage

  • Workflow list adds execution information

code scan


  • Quick link entry optimization

  • Build template/Helm Chart template add reference list

  • AWS Object Storage Integration Add Region Configuration

  • Mirror warehouse selection global support search

  • Package management version update

Other optimizations and bug fixes

  • 32 experience interaction details optimization

  • Workflow/service logs support custom colors

  • Workflow list style optimization

  • Product Workflow Execute Workflow TaskopenAPI Optimization

  • Code branch selection component interaction optimization

  • The mirror warehouse login operation is not performed during the execution of the test task

  • In the K8s YAML project environment, relevant error information is displayed in the service list

  • Fix the problem that the workflow/test/code scan name cannot be executed after a certain length

  • Fix custom workflow cache path rendering $WORKSPACE variable problem

  • Fix the problem that multiple lines of commit msg lead to workflow execution failure

  • Optimize front-end font reference loading, remove off-site font references, and improve page loading speed

Release Notes


  • Customization for Dashboard.

  • Search functionality for projects.

  • Helm Services can be imported from repository of other types.

  • Improvements to parameters for k8s services.


  • Implemented view for workflows.

  • Multiple PRs for single build.

  • Workflow naming now supports chinese characters.

  • IM notification for workflow can now be configured to notify a single person ( for Feishu & Wechat Enterprise )

  • Custom workflow can now use regex to set multiple branches as its trigger.

  • Code scanning step for custom workflow.

  • Image distribution step for custom workflow.

  • Parameter passing through steps for custom workflow.

  • Shared PVC between steps for custom workflow.

  • Statistics for custom workflow.

  • Added preparation stage for custom workflow.

Code Scanning


  • Added English as a system language.

  • Improvements to external links.

  • Reference list for helm chart templates and build templates.

  • Added region setting for AWS S3 integration.

  • Search functionality for registry selection.

  • Zadig Packages version updates.


Special thanks to the following community partners for their valuable suggestions:

@亮亮@Eʟɪᴀᴜᴋ @9ishell @胡生生@李xianlei@志明@罗志军

Everything in the past is a prologue, let’s work together in 2023!

Zadig, open, link, professional.

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