JetBrains announcedThe roadmap for the WebStorm 2023.1 release, which is expected to be released by the end of March.

Mainly focus on the following:

Technology Specific Improvements

  • Astro support. Support for the Astro framework will be added (WEB-52015). Start by making sure that at least basic features like syntax highlighting and code completion are working well. More advanced features will be supported if time is available.
  • Prisma support. Although no official plans for Prisma ORM support have been announced in previous roadmaps, efforts have been made to add support between the 2022.3 and 2023.1 releases. Currently, support will be provided through a separate plugin, but will be considered for bundling it in the next year.For details, see WEB-50449.
  • Further improvements for Vue. Over 40 Vue-related issues fixed in WebStorm 2022.3. More bug fixes are planned for the next releases to improve Vue support. Completion is planned for custom component events (WEB-52121) and support for type conversion syntax in template expressions (WEB-55049). Also, will make WebStorm automatically import components and other symbols when copying and pasting template code between components (WEB-32784). This also applies to Angular.
  • New features for Angular.remove WEB-32784 Additionally, there are two new features we want to implement for Angular.For v15 a check will be added which is recommended for img use ngSrc instead of src (WEB-58267).Additionally, symbols used outside of templates or components such as enums) will be automatically imported during code completion or when using a quick-fix (WEB-58268).
  • Improved support for Svelte. For many years, Svelte support has been provided as a separate plugin; but recently, too little resources have been invested in Svelte, resulting in a decline in the quality of the support. Therefore, the beginning team plans to try to fix some of the most critical issues in the next version. Svelte users can vote on existing questions, or create a new one here.
  • Tailwind CSS plugin configuration. For Tailwind CSS, it would be desirable to be able to configure custom classname completion contexts (WEB-48505), custom config file paths (WEB-56546), and some other options.
  • A better way to handle file references. Behind the scenes, WebStorm can handle files referenced in the current file in various ways; this can lead to various performance issues and misleading documentation. The development team wanted to implement a more generic way of how WebStorm handles file references in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to try and resolve these issues.

general improvement

  • Further work on the new UI. All feedback on the new UI is currently being processed and the most critical issues will be prioritized.
  • performance optimization. The performance of WebStorm is a pain point for many people, so the official plan is to continue to work hard to fix performance problems, as well as to investigate whether there are any structural changes that can help optimize performance.
  • Getting Started. Another pain point is the “steep learning curve”. Starting in 2023, the official will gradually redesign WebStorm’s user onboarding process to make it easier for new users to get started.
  • Remote Development Improvements. Previous releases have introduced a new remote development workflow for all JetBrains IDEs, but it has been in beta. The development team wants to ensure that all important use cases are supported before breaking out of beta.

It is worth noting that,The above functions may not all be included in the WebStorm 2023.1 version, and tickets may be skipped. The details are based on the updated items released in the version.

More details can be found in the official announcement.

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