SVT-AV1 is an AV1 open-source codec initiated by Intel and Netflix, which provides codec performance levels suitable for a variety of applications, from video-on-demand to live streaming encoding and transcoding.

Designed to provide high-quality, high-performance AV1 encoding, SVT-AV1 is part of the Scalable Video Technology (SVT) family of encoders that exploits the parallel processing capabilities of modern multi-core CPUs to provide real-time encoding and decoding.

AV1 is a next-generation video coding format developed by the Alliance of Open Media Video (AOMedia). It is open and free. It is designed for ultra-high-definition resolution, wide color gamut and high dynamic range enhancement. Based on VP9/HEVC, the coding efficiency is increased by about 30%. AV1 is being used to replace Google’s VP9 and compete with H.265/HEVC. As one of the founding members of the Open Media Video Alliance, Intel has done a lot of work in the promotion of AV1, making it easier for content providers and end users to accept the new generation of video encoding formats.

The main modules of the SVT-AV1 decoder include

  1. Parse
  2. Reconstruction
  3. Loop filter
  4. CDEF
  5. Loop Restoration Loop Restoration

Workflow Architecture

SVT-AV1 Advanced Encoder Architecture

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