Erich Eickmeyer of Ubuntu Studio announced that he and his wife Amy, who has a senior education background, are working on the revival of Edubuntu. Edubuntu is a Linux distribution for schools and other educational environments, built on top of the Ubuntu distribution. It debuted in 2005 as part of the Ubuntu 5.10 “Breezy Badger” series, was updated until Edubuntu 14.04 LTS, and then discontinued in 2016 due to lack of contributors.

Amy will be the Flavor Lead and I will be her Technical Lead. Right now, we’re still in the early stages and don’t have an .iso image yet; but if you want to try out Lunar Lobster in your day-to-day work, installation from a minimal Ubuntu desktop is easy: just install the edubuntu-desktop package and you’ll have it.

According to the introduction, the tentative plans for Edubuntu 23.04 include:

  • Will use the same desktop and applications as regular Ubuntu
  • new logo

  • Yaru’s red theme will be used by default to match the logo color
  • Default application folders by educational subject (mathematics, science, language, etc.)
  • Ubuntu Studio based installer
  • Metadata packages for curated software based on age (ubuntu-edu-preschool, etc.)
  • Meta Uninstaller for Quickly Removing “Groups of Irrelevant Applications”

its goal is to participateUbuntu 23.04 was released in April this year. If all goes well, it will re-apply to become the official Ubuntu flavor.

More details can be viewed Announcement thread on Ubuntu Discourse.

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