Logseq is a knowledge management and collaboration platform. It focuses on privacy and user control. The server never stores or analyzes your private notes. Currently supports Markdown and Emacs Org mode (more coming soon).

Logseq 0.8.15 is released, the updates are as follows:

This release fixes empty pages caused by non-standard path naming by applying Unicode normalization to all paths. Users are advised to update as soon as possible.


  • use shortcut keys mod+a to select the parent block up to the entire page
  • In-app HTTP server is used to call the API


  • Fix empty pages caused by non-standard path naming, apply unicode normalization to all paths
  • Fix formatting attribute references in org mode
  • Cannot switch between modes via shortcut keys
  • Provide consistent page links for web and publishing
  • Query table sorting


  • Display full search results in web application
  • Enable iOS file sharing to transfer files with Finder or iTunes
  • Added several missing i18n items to right-click menu


  • Wording improvements for the application UI
  • update language translation
  • Added Japanese translations for new shortcuts and menus

More details can be viewed: https://github.com/logseq/logseq/releases/tag/0.8.15

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