The Godot team announced that it will release the first stable version of Godot 4.0 in the first few months of 2023.

Currently Godot 4.0 is still in the Beta testing stage (the latest version is Beta 10), so after nearly 20 alphas and more than 10 beta versions, it should be time for 4.0 to release a stable version. However, the team currently recommends that users who want a more stable, error-free experience continue to use the 3.5 series.

4.0 is a major version update with development in 2020start upDuring the development process of more than two years, the new features brought by Godot 4.0 include: support for Vulkan API, improved graphics rendering system, improved OpenGL, added new Physics features, enhanced GDScript scripts, better support for audio, improved multiplayer game mode,and a host of other improvements over Godot 3.x.

According to the team, Godot 4.0 is just the beginning of Godot 4, it will certainly not be perfect, but it is ready for production environment. They expected that users would encounter bugs that disrupted workflows (especially on less common hardware), that many workflows would feel patchy, and that performance would not quite hit the set goals. But the team releases bug-fix releases quickly and regularly (as it does for Alpha and Beta). Thus, Godot 4.0.1, 4.0.2, etc. will appear shortly after the nominal “4.0” stable release.

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